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Help bloggers create a data-driven affiliate strategy, and make some cash while you're at it

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Here's how it works

As a current Affilimate member, you can invite your friends, readers, or even your mom to join Affilimate! Earn a recurring 20% commission for however long your referral is an active Affilimate member.

1. Open the affiliate program page

Click your profile picture and select Affiliate program from the list of options. This is where you'll find everything you need to get started with sharing the word about Affilimate.

2. Find your unique affiliate link

Your affiliate link can point to any page on our website, just add?aid=YOUR_AFFILIATE_ID to any URL you want to send someone to.

3. Keep track of your trials and conversions

Every signup leads to a new 30-day free trial. After 30 days, your referral has the chance to subscribe and become an Affilimate member. When that happens, you'll see a new commission from Affilimate in your Performance reporting.

4. Get monthly payouts via Transferwise

After you earn your first successful commission, you'll receive an email from Transferwise asking for your bank details so we can make a deposit! All future deposits will be made automatically.

Get your affiliate link now!

Want to grow your affiliate income with data instead of guesswork?

See how Affilimate can help you track, monitor, and optimize your affiliate website.

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