Switch between accounts and spaces

Affilimate has the ability to track multiple websites in a single account, or to track multiple websites in different Spaces.

Most publishers will choose to have all their websites in a single space. But if you have multiple companies, portfolios, or joint ventures, you may wish to separate these into different Spaces.

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What is a Space?

A Space is a collection of websites and affiliate platform integrations, associated with a login. Each Space also has its own settings, subscription plan, and limits according to the Space's plan. 

Within a Space, you can see cross-cutting reports such as total revenue, content across different websites, and affiliate links across different sites. Spaces are great for being able to compare performance for different websites you're tracking.

By default, every new account has its own Space. But if you have a single-Space account, you won't see the option to change spaces.

How can I create a new Space?

To create a new Space for your account, you have two options:

  1. Create a new account - Then contact Support at support@affilimate.com and we'll connect both of your accounts to both spaces. This is useful if you want to be able to log in with multiple email addresses.
  2. Contact Support first - If you want a single set of login details, contact Support and tell them you'd like an additional Space. We'll then create the Space for you and associate it with your account.

How can I access my other Spaces?

Once your account has access to at least two Spaces, you'll see the Space Switcher appear in the top navigation bar:

It will show a preview of the list of websites in the Space you're currently viewing.

To switch to another space, click the dropdown and you'll see a list of other Spaces accessible with your currently logged-in account:

You can also search and sort through your Spaces. To switch to one of the Spaces, just click on the row containing the list of sites in the Space you want to access.

Affilimate will re-load and show you the new Space. From there, all the settings you change are connected to the Space you're currently viewing. 

How do spaces work with regards to billing?

Each Space is billed separately. You can also have a single login account with different Spaces on different plans. For example, your first Space could be on the 500K Plan and your second Space on the 100K Plan.

There is no limit to how many Spaces you can have, as each is treated separately for billing purposes.

How can I add members to my Space?

Spaces can have additional team members beyond the primary contact so long as the Space is on the 250K Plan or higher.

To add team members to your space, contact Support with the email addresses of the people you wish to add to the Space.

See also: Add team members to your account

What if I want to move websites between Spaces?

It is not possible to move a websites' historical data between Spaces. If you think you'll want to track a group of websites separately, you should track it in a separate Space as early as possible.

To stop tracking a website in one Space, you can deactivate the website in the old Space and then add it in the new Space.

This will allow you to preserve historical data for reference in the old Space, while tracking new data in the new Space.

Note: You should never try to track a website in multiple spaces at the same time when you are using Smart Labels. All Smart Labeled conversions are linked to the Space they belong in, and trying to do this in multiple spaces can result in mismatched data.

Can I run reports across all my Spaces?

As of now this is not supported. For the most part, if you want to see a unified view of metrics like revenue, content analytics, and link analytics, websites should be tracked in a single space.

Have questions? Contact us at support@affilimate.com anytime.

Last Updated 12/16/2021

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