Add, Remove, or Update Websites

You can track multiple websites from a single Affilimate account. Here's what you need to know about our multi-site support.

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How to add additional websites to your account

From your Dashboard, just click the button Add Website and you'll be able to verify the installation the same way you did when you signed up.

How many websites you can track in a single account

How many sites you can track in Affilimate depends on the Plan you're on:

  • Individual Plan: Up 100,000 monthly pageviews across 3 websites
  • Business Plan: Up to 250,000 monthly pageviews across 10 websites
  • Custom Plan: Over 250,000 monthly pageviews across unlimited websites

You can learn more about how each of our pricing tiers on our pricing page.

How to remove a website from your account

Navigate to your Dashboard and click the three dots on the right side of the card, then Deactivate.

This website will remain part of your account, but will not track any more data.

If you wish to permanently remove the website (which should happen only in the case of adding the website twice), you can visit your Settings page to delete the website.

How to change your domain name

If you've changed your domain name, the results from your old site will  NOT be merged with the results on your new site, even if the page names are the same.

That's because our tracking is based on your full URL.

However, you can add new sites to your account and deactivate tracking on the old site. Your old commissions will remain linked to your old site, so you can always access them for historical comparison.

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Last Updated Apr 11, 2021

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