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Commission statuses

For every transaction in your Transaction report, you'll see them mostly grouped into one of four main statuses:

Here's what each of those statuses mean and how to interpret them.

commission statuses


Complete commissions are finalized commissions from the affiliate network or merchant's standpoint. These commissions are often referred to as "locked", meaning that changes to their status are quite unlikely.

In short, there is a very high probability that you will be paid this commission.

However, in some situations, complete commissions can still be refunded later. In that case, any refunded commissions will appear as a second line-item in your Transaction report:

This is an example of a transaction that was complete, and then later refunded.

Many networks and merchants will wait until the return window has closed to change your Transactions from Pending to Complete, whereas others will show up as complete right away.


Pending sales are sales where the customer has probably paid for an item, service, or activity, but hasn't yet completed it.

Sales in a pending state do not yet qualify for a payout.

Pending sales will either become Complete or Cancelled eventually.

If you want to see exactly when your pending sales will be completed, you can show Completion date in the Filters in order to see the date a sale may change from Pending to Complete.

Not all networks disclose their Completion Date, but many do.


Refunded sales are sales where the customer bought and item (which generated a Complete sale in your Performance overview) and then later returned the item or requested a refund. Sometimes this is also referred to as a reversal.

Whenever an item is refunded, that same item will appear twice in your Performance overview:

  1. The original, complete sale
  2. The second, refunded sale

The number that shows up under your "Total earnings" is a simple calculation:

Completed + Pending = Total Earnings


Lost sales are any transactions for which you're not going to be paid. Lost transaction statuses include:

  • Refunded
  • Canceled
  • Rejected
  • Uncommissionable

Since these transaction types often don't report the original sale value, we can only tell you what percentage of your transactions result in a lost sale.


These are sales where the customer cancelled the purchase. These transactions are updated in-place.

Existing Pending sales may change to Cancelled if the customer cancels their order or whatever service or activity they paid for, before receiving anything from your partner.

TIP: If you want to forecast how many of your sales are likely to be cancelled, extend the timeframe of your Performance overview to get an idea. You can also filter your sales by Network to understand the average cancellation rate for each platform or advertiser.

Additional Statuses

Some transactions may fall into additional statuses:

  • Non-Commissionable - An item you referred a sale for, but it is not valid to receive a commission. Often happens with sale items, or items by certain brands, depending on the merchant.
  • Rejected / Disputed - An item you would've received a commission for, but the conversion is rejected or disputed by the merchant. If you see one of these, you can inquire with the affiliate manager of the program you're in.

Further, if we cannot map one of the affiliate networks statuses to our own, they will appear in Affilimate as Unknown.

If you encounter a commission like this, let us know and we'll determine how to better categorize it.

Have questions? Contact us at anytime.

Last Updated 6/14/2022

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