Affiliate Link Management

Working with Affilimate, one of the only things you need to do is regularly import new affiliate links.

This article will explain how to import your affiliate links for tracking for the first time, how to use our link suggestion tool, and how to integrate Affilimate's affiliate link management into your editorial workflow.

In this article:

When you sign up for Affilimate, you'll go through the process of importing your affiliate links for the first time.

Affilimate will scan your website, find links on your site, and score them according to our algorithm.

Then, you can accept or reject our suggestions as described below.

Each link we find on your site is scored by the likelihood it's an affiliate link. Any link rated as High is very likely to be an affiliate link.

However, if you see a link in Possible Links that shouldn't be there, you can reject it using the X button.

Similarly, you'll want to check your Unlikely Links in case something we should be tracking has slipped through the cracks.

Direct or independent programs can end up in here if they aren't using a standard affiliate link format, or are using custom domains or subdomains for their affiliate links.

To Restore an affiliate link that's been rejected, click the Back Arrow button:

This will include your link for import once you push the blue, Import all links button.

Congratulations! You've imported your first set of affiliate links for tracking in Affilimate.

From that point on, your workflow with the platform will be:

  1. Work on your your website, including changing content, or adding new or different affiliate links
  2. Clear any caching or CDN you may have in place, so we can access the freshest links and screenshots
  3. Scan your site for new links (or wait for the nightly scan to happen)
  4. Review and import the links

Depending on how you work, you have two options for running the site scan:

  • Option 1: Run your site scan automatically on a nightly schedule (and import your links after). This method is sufficient for most websites. Simply set up your scan schedule to run at the end of your workday, and import links before you finish working.
  • Option 2: Proactively scan your site for new links (when you're done with an editing session). This method makes sense if you plan for new or updated content to receive a lot of traffic, or you rely heavily on our affiliate revenue attribution features and need to immediately have all new affiliate links tracked and labeled.

Option 1: Running on a nightly schedule

Start by choosing a schedule for your Site Scan on Links Settings page:

Then, we'll scan your website on a daily basis on the day and time you specified. Again, we recommend choosing a time towards the end of your work day so you can import links before you log off.

Note: With scheduled scans, we only scan pages that have changed since your last import. This means that even if you have a large website, we may only need to scan a few pages that have changed during your latest editing session.

If we find new links, you'll get an alert like this:

Which you can click on to view your alerts:

Simply click the alert to Import new products, review the new links, and import like you did the first time.

Option 2: Proactively scan your website for new links

Again, we recommend this solution if you are planning a traffic campaign or heavily depend on Affilimate's Smart Labels to attribute your conversions.

Simply head to the Scan section, and click Scan Website.

Note: Don't forget to clear all your caches and CDN before beginning a fresh scan.

Once you do that, we'll scan your entire site for new affiliate links. You'll repeat the same process to import affiliate links as you did before. After the initial import, reviewing new links should only take a few seconds each time.

And that's the core workflow of managing your affiliate links in Affilimate!

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Last Updated 8/9/2021

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