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Affiliate link management with Affilimate

Working with Affilimate, you always want to make sure that your latest affiliate links and imported for tracking.

This article will explain how to import your affiliate links for tracking for the first time and how to integrate Affilimate into your editorial workflow.

In this article:

When you sign up for Affilimate, you'll import your affiliate links for the first time.

Affilimate will scan your website using your sitemap, find the affiliate links on your site, and sort them into "Links to Import" and "Ignored Links" according to our algorithm.

Then, you can either Import all links or go through the suggestions to refine the links you want to track.

You can adjust which links are imported for tracking by:

  • Using the X button in "Links to import" to ignore links
  • Using the Arrow button in "Ignored links" to add them back to the import list

TIP: Direct or independent programs can end up in Ignored Links if they aren't using a standard affiliate link format. Always double-check the automatically ignored links in case there's a link you want to track in there.

Finally, import your initial set of links to begin tracking by pushing Import all links.

Setting up automated import

Congratulations! You've imported your first set of affiliate links for tracking in Affilimate.

Now, you can choose a Schedule in Link Settings for when you want your site to be scanned and have links imported automatically.

From that point on, your workflow with the platform will be:

  1. Work on your your website, including changing content, or adding new or different affiliate links
  2. Clear any caching or CDN you may have in place, so we can access the freshest links and screenshots
  3. Scan your site for new links (or wait for the automatic scan to happen)

TIP: With scheduled scans, we only scan pages that have changed since your last import. This means that even if you have a large website, we may only need to scan a few pages that have changed during your latest editing session.

Automated import is great, but there may be situations where you want to import links ASAP.

In which case, you scan scan your site for links on-demand.

Scan your website for new links

If you're updating an existing page on your site that's getting a lot of traffic, you might want to import your affiliate links for tracking immediately after publishing some changes.

To do this, simply head to the Scan section, in your Affilimate dashboard. There you will see a few options under Scan mode including:

  • Only changed 
  • All pages 
  • Single page

You will also have options under URL to scan all of your sites if you have multiple sites, scan only one site, or enter the exact URL of the Single page you’d like to scan.

TIP: Don't forget to clear all your caches and CDN before beginning a fresh scan.

Select Only Changed if you only want Affilimate to scan pages or posts that have been changed since your last import. This is ideal if you have updated or published several new pages since your last scan.

Select All Pages if you want Affilimate to scan all the pages on your site, think of this as a deep scan. Keep in mind that if you have a large website, scanning All Pages can take quite a bit of time.

Select Single Page if you only want Affilimate to scan one page or one blog post. This is especially useful for quickly scanning a newly published post or recently updated page on your site.

Affilimate will then scan your selected pages using your sitemap, find your affiliate links, and sort them into "Links to Import" and "Ignored Links" according to our algorithm.

You'll repeat the same process to import affiliate links as you did before. After the initial import, reviewing new links should only take a few seconds each time.

And that's the core workflow of managing your affiliate links in Affilimate!

Have questions? Contact us at anytime.

Last Updated 6/14/2022

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