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Amazon Affiliate Guide

As an Amazon affiliate, the way you use Affilimate will differ from publishers using our other integrations.

Since Amazon's Tracking IDs need to be created by you inside the Amazon Associates Portal.

That means, you'll need to create these Tracking IDs, replace them inside your existing links, and associate them with your site and pages using Label Rules.

This will unlock your ability to use Affilimate's page-level revenue attribution and run experiments using Revisions.

If you have a large existing list of Tracking IDs and pages you want to import to your account, you can import them and connect them to via CSV or XLSX bulk import.

To set up your account as an Amazon affiliate:

  1. Add and verify your website
  2. Import your links for tracking
  3. Import your Amazon commissions
  4. Link your Amazon Tracking IDs to sites and pages via Label Rules
  5. Configure the Amazon Link Checker

Step 1. Add and verify your website

To do this, you'll install our tracking snippet which collects website analytics and tracks your affiliate links.

Go to your Dashboard and click the button called Waiting for data.

You'll see a few options for installing the snippet. Choose your platform and install the snippet to verify your website setup.

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Next, Affilimate will scan your website using your sitemap.

This scan finds the affiliate links on your site and sorts them into "Links to Import" and "Ignored Links" according to our algorithm.

Then, you can either Import all links or go through the suggestions to refine the links you want to track.

Once you are done, press the blue Import links button to begin tracking.

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Step 3. Import your Amazon commissions

Most Amazon associates will use the Amazon CSV integration to bring in their commissions. Publishers with high Amazon commission volume may qualify for activity feed access.

Under  Performance > Import, choose Amazon. In another tab, open the Amazon Associates Portal.

Download your Earnings Report as a CSV for the last 365 days and drag that file from the downloads bar or Downloads folder into the blue dropzone. (Detailed instructions here)

Once you release the cursor, Affilimate will parse the file and show you a preview of the transactions inside.

Click the button to Upload sales to import those commissions into your account.

At this point, your Performance dashboard will look like this:

Here are a few tips for making this process faster and more efficient:

  • You don't need to upload a years worth of transactions each time. Instead, choose something shorter like "Last 30 Days" to make generating and downloading the file faster.
  • You do not need to worry about overlapping timeframes causing duplicate transactions. Affilimate will deduplicate any transactions for you.
  • You can delegate this task to a team member or VA using Affilimate's teams feature.

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Step 4. Link your Amazon Tracking IDs to sites and pages via Label Rules

If you want page-level revenue attribution for Amazon commissions, you'll need to create a unique Amazon Tracking ID for every page on your website. This differs from other integrations where Affilimate does this for you automatically.

Depending on the size of your website, this can mean dozens, hundreds, or 1,000+ Tracking IDs.

Fortunately, once you exceed the default limit of 100 you can simply contact Amazon Associates support to request more.

You can start with the typical site-level Tracking ID most affiliates have. Then, gradually create and replace page-level Tracking IDs on your most popular pages.

To start, click the name of the Tracking ID in your Transactions list:

Then, associate the Tracking ID with either a specific page on your website or your entire website:

Already have a list of tracking IDs and pages? You can import Amazon tracking IDs and page URL mappings in batch.

Once you do this, your Amazon revenue will begin to be attributed to the pages on your website under Content.

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Finally, you'll set up the Amazon Link Checker by adding your Product Advertising API details.

You can also choose when Affilimate scans your Amazon links for stock issues during the week. By default, it will run at Monday at 9AM in your local timezone.

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Have questions? Contact us at anytime.

Last Updated 7/7/2022

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