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Integrate with Amazon

In this article:

In both cases, start by opening the Performance tab in Affilimate, clicking Import, and choosing Amazon from the list of data sources:

Method 1: Upload Amazon Reports

Quick instructions

  1. Open the Amazon affiliate portal in a new tab
  2. Go to your Earnings Report under Reports > Earnings Report
  3. Change the timeframe to This Year for your first import
  4. Click Download Reports
  5. Choose only Earnings as report type, and CSV as format
  6. Download the your zip file report, and upload it to Affilimate with the Import button

Tip: If you have multiple Amazon Associates accounts in different geographies, make sure they are linked together. Then, start on the Consolidated Summary page, and click each Store ID before generating your earnings reports. You can then upload those to Affilimate in batch.

Detailed instructions

Start by opening two tabs in your web browser:

  1. Amazon Associates Portal in one tab
  2. Affilimate's Performance overview in a second tab

Step 1. Open your Earnings report and choose a timeframe

Open your earnings report by either clicking here or going to Reports > Earnings Report in the top navigation.

Then choose a reporting timeframe. For your first import, you can also bring in a full year of sales data for more context.

Step 2. Click Download Reports

This will open a popup where you can choose the kind of report you want to download and let you choose the timeframe.

Step 3. Uncheck ALL boxes except "Earnings" and under "Format:" choose "CSV"

While those other reports might be worth checking out, Affilimate is only interested in your earnings reports, because those provide product or SKU-level data.

Click the button called Generate Reports.

Step 4. Download the report

This will download a ZIP file containing your CSV report to your computer.

You'll see the file appear at the bottom of your browser window in a "Downloads" section.

Step 5. Change tabs to Affilimate

Make sure you're on the "Performance" page, and have clicked the blue Import button.

Then drag the ZIP file you just downloaded onto the blue, outlined "dropzone" in Affilimate.

Step 6. Review your sales and import

We'll do a little data crunching, and then your Amazon sales will appear in the Performance section of the Affilimate app.

Your sales are now imported and ready for analysis!

Method 2: Connect the Amazon S3 Data Feed

Step 1. Request your s3 Data Feed credentials

Contact the Amazon Associates Support, or your account manager, to request access to your Amazon Associates S3 Data Feed.

If you qualify for access, you'll then be given a set of credentials (username and password) which Affilimate will use to pull your Amazon conversions automatically.

IMPORTANT: The S3 Data Feed is not the same as the Product Feed, and your username and password for the S3 data feed are NOT the same as your main Amazon account

Step 2. Provide the S3 credentials in Affilimate

Go to Affilimate's Performance overview and click the blue Import button.

Then select Amazon from the list of integrations, and then under "How do you want to integrate?" choose API.

You'll be asked to provide:

  • Username and Password: These are provided to you by Amazon
  • Data Feed URL: Select from North America, Europe, or Japan
  • Report Currency: Choose your report's currency (e.g. USD for United States, CAD for Canada, etc.)
  • Store ID: Find this in the top right corner of your Amazon Associates account, as shown below:

Provide these details, then click Test Connection and import your sales.

Have questions? Contact us at anytime.

Last Updated 3/4/2022

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