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Connect to the Amazon Product Advertising API

In order to use Affilimate's Link Checker with different Amazon stores, you'll need to connect with the Product Advertising API.

By the end of this guide, you'll provide 4 pieces of information to Affilimate:

  1. Amazon Store (e.g. for US, for Germany, etc.)
  2. Amazon Store ID
  3. Access Key
  4. Secret Key

To to get started, log in the the Amazon Associates portal for the store you want to connect in one tab:

And in other tab, open Affilimate's Link Checker Settings.

Step 1. Provide your Amazon Store and Store ID

Look in the top right corner of your Amazon Associates dashboard to find your Amazon Store and Store ID.

In Affilimate, choose your Amazon store's URL and copy/paste your Store ID:

Step 2. Create your API credentials

Go back to the Amazon Associates dashboard, and go to Tools > Product Advertising API.

Scroll down until you see a section called Manage Your Credentials and click the button called Add Credentials.

Note: If you do not see this option, your Amazon Associates account may not meet the requirements needed to use this API. To get access, your Amazon Associates account for that specific Store must have generated at least three sales.

Otherwise, you will see an Access Key and a Secret Key.

These will only be visible once, so copy and paste each into their respective fields in Affilimate. Then, click Add connection.

From now on, your weekly Amazon broken link checks will use your own API credentials.

Have questions? Contact us at anytime.

Last Updated 2/27/2022

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