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Track and attribute revenue from YouTube

Although Affilimate is primarily designed for owners of content websites, you could also use it to track affiliate revenue from a YouTube channel.

Affilimate can track revenue from any traffic source through the API integrations. Any off-site commissions will end up in a separate section of your dashboard called "Other Sales" which is how most people who run a YouTube channel can kind of distinguish the revenue.

How to set up per-video commission tracking

For affiliate links on your YouTube video page, you need to create a unique SubID (AKA Tracking Label) for each affiliate link included in the text under the video.

A SubID (also called a Campaign ID, Tracking ID, TID, SID, etc.) is part of an affiliate link that helps you identify where the sale came from. Here's an example:

Affiliate link example

For example, if your affiliate link under the Youtube video is called "Gardening materials" then you should create a unique SubID such as "gardening-materials-youtube". Create a unique SubID for each affiliate link that is listed under the Youtube video. 

Note that the exact parameter (in the example above, "subid=") will vary by platform. When using each platform's affiliate link builder, you'll be able to specify the exact SubID according to that platform's requirements.

Finally, when you import those commissions in Affilimate, you'll see "gardening-materials-youtube" next to the product name and commission amount.

How to report on YouTube revenue in Affilimate

You can then run reports to determine how much affiliate revenue you are generating directly from a single YouTube video by going to Performance > Transactions > and grouping by SubID.

For example, if you end all your YouTube SubIDs with "-youtube", you'll be able to search by that to determine your email revenue:

This will filter only for commissions with a SubID containing "youtube", and allow you to see how much revenue was generated from each video.

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Last Updated 6/2/2022

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