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Caching, Hosting, and CDN compatibility

Affilimate is compatible with the vast majority of caching, CDN, and hosting solutions.

In a few situations, you may need to adjust a few settings to allow Affilimate to crawl your site for affiliate links and generate heatmaps.

Note: Just because a caching solution or CDN is not listed here, does not mean it is not compatible. It only means we have not encountered problems with it, requiring adjustments.

In this article:



Affilimate is compatible with NitroPack and will crawl your site and render your sitemap using the nonitro query parameter so as to get the freshest copy of your links and heatmaps.

WP Rocket

If using the extreme settings of WP Rocket, you may need to exclude in two places:

W3 Total Cache

Affilimate is compatible with W3 total cache.

WP Super Cache

Affilimate is compatible with WP super cache.

Compatible CDNs


Make sure you have  Bot Fight Mode disabled in Cloudflare under Firewall > Bots.

If you are using a paid Cloudflare plan, you should also have Super Bot Fight Mode disabled.


Affilimate is compatible with Ezoic's CDN.

Compatible Hosting providers

Affilimate works out of the box with most hosting providers. In a few rare exceptions, you may need to request that our user agents or IP addresses can access your site.


If you have trouble scanning your site for affiliate links, BigScoots support may need to whitelist the following user agents and IPs for you in Cloudflare:

User agents:

  • curl/7.65.0
  • AM/1.0.0
  • affilimate-puppeteer
  • node-sitemap-stream-parser

IP range:

  • IP Range (CIDR):
  • Default Gateway:
  • Usable addresses (inclusive): to


If you have trouble scanning your site for affiliate links, Bluehost support may need to make some adjustments to allow our site scan to pass through their mod_security firewall. 

Contact Bluehost and ask them to check for any mod_security errors in the logs related to Affilimate's site scan and then whitelist the mod_security block on their server.

Have questions? Contact us at anytime.

Last Updated 7/5/2022

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