Integrate with CJ Affiliate

Quick instructions

These instructions will help you get connected with CJ Affiliate quickly.

If you want a more detailed explanation with screenshots, click here to jump to detailed instructions.

  1. Open the CJ Affiliate portal in a new tab
  2. Find your 7-digit Publisher ID on the top right in parenthesis next to your name (e.g. 1234567)
  3. Copy that number in the input in Affilimate labeled Publisher ID
  4. Then, go to the CJ developer portal in a new tab
  5. Under Authentication click Personal Access Tokens and log in if needed
  6. Register a new Personal Access Token called "Affilimate" and copy the token into the field in Affilimate called API Key

Detailed instructions

Start by opening two tabs in your web browser:

  1. CJ Affiliate Portal in one tab
  2. CJ Developer Portal in a second tab
  3. Affilimate's Performance overview in a final tab

We need to find two pieces of information to create the connection between Affilimate and Awin's platform.

  1. Your Affiliate ID
  2. Your API Key

Now let's connect Awin to Affilimate.

Step 1. Find your Publisher ID

Start by logging in to the Commission Junction affiliate portal in your web browser.

Find your Publisher ID on the top right in parenthesis next to your name.

For example, in the image below, the Publisher ID is 1234567.

Step 2. Find Your API Key

Open the CJ Affiliate developer portal in your web browser and click Personal Access Tokens.

If needed, click the box to log in to CJ.

Register a new Personal Access Token called "Affilimate".

Copy the resulting token. You only need to copy the alphanumeric text itself, not the name of the key. The name of the key is only help you remember what apps or websites can access your CJ commissions.

Step 3. Test your connection and import past commissions

After you've provided your Publisher ID and API Key, push the button to Test Connection to CJ Affiliate.

After you test your connection, you'll be asked how many months worth of sales you'd like to import.

Follow the steps and you'll be done!

Have questions? Contact us at anytime.

Last Updated Mar 29, 2021

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