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Compare your performance over time using content trends

Affilimate makes it easy to compare your performance over time using content trends. These are the key places you can check for trends:

  • The Dashboard will show a trend in the total earnings across your entire site
  • The Performance report, under Networks, will show trends for each of your networks
  • Content trends will show trends for each individual page on your site

What the trending arrows mean

At a glance, you can see if a given page is improving or declining.

  • Green arrow is trending up
  • Slanted green arrow is trending slightly up
  • Yellow line means very little or no change
  • Red arrow is trending down
  • Slanted red arrow is trending slightly down 

You can hover over any arrow to see the exact difference between this timeframe and the previous timeframe.

Changing the timeframe of comparison

By default, Affilimate automatically displays data for the Last 30 days, compared to the previous 30 days.

You can change the timeframe to any one of our timeframe presets or choose a custom timeframe.

If you change the timeframe to the Last 90 days, our trends will compare the last 90 days to the previous 90 day period. If you choose the Last 365 days, our trends will compare the last 365 days to the previous 365 period, and so on.

That is a great way to compare your performance year over year. Just keep in mind, when you first start tracking, your trends will mostly be positive because you are comparing to zero. Over time, they'll even out compared to the previous 30 days as the default timeframe.

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Last Updated 5/4/2022

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