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Content analytics metrics

Here are the columns and metrics you can track under Content Trends.

To show additional columns go to Columns and select the columns you want to display.


How this page performed, according to the selected sorting column, compared to its performance in the previous timeframe.

Page URL

The URL of the page on your website. For single-site spaces, no domain name is shown below the URL slug. For multi-site spaces, the domain name is shown below the URL slug.


How many times this page has been viewed in the selected timeframe. You'll only see pageviews for content which contains tracked affiliate links.     


The number of times affiliate links on this page have been clicked during the given timeframe. Excludes duplicate clicks and bot clicks.     

Page CTR

Page-level click-through rate. The number of clicks divided by the number of pageviews. A Page CTR of over 100% can indicate your visitors tend to click multiple links per page.


How many affiliate links were actually seen by visitors as a result of scrolling down your page.

% Seen

Percentage of served affiliate links that were actually seen by visitors as a result of scrolling down your page.


How many affiliate links were served, but not necessarily seen, as a result of scrolling down your page.


Affiliate revenue per 1,000 pageviews based on conversions from clicks that happened during this time period.

This number is likely to increased over time as more past clicks result in conversions, depending on the cookie period of your programs.


Earnings per click. How much you earned on average for every click through on an affiliate link on your page, during the selected timeframe.


Commissions earned from clicks that occurred during this time period. Commissions earned during this time period from earlier clicks can be found on the Performance page.

Items sold

How many transactions happened during this timeframe.

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Last Updated 4/21/2022

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