Content Analytics: Overview

One of the things that makes Affilimate unique is our focus on helping you attribute your conversion back to your content, and use these analytics to improve the revenue generated for each page on your site.

Here's a quick overview of each feature in our Content Analytics suite.

Content Trends shows every page on your website that contains affiliate links.

As long as you have set up revenue attribution, you'll also be able to see your RPM, earnings, and items sold on a per-page basis.

Conversion Heatmaps

Affilimate captures heatmaps (or more specifically, click maps) for each page on your website that contains tracked affiliate links.

For links that have smart label tracking, you'll also be able to see which links converted and how well, highlighted in red.

For links without smart label tracking, you'll be able to see which links were clicked, but not whether they converted, highlighted in blue.

Link Performance takes the same data you see in your heatmap, and presents it in a tabular view.

This can be useful for optimizing across different metrics. For example, if you want to see which links are the most visible, have the best CTR, EPC, or highest earnings, ranked on your page:

It's a handy way to spot links that are performing well, but may be buried among other content.

When you spot something like this, you can experiment with lifting it in the article so more readers see it.


Finally, every time you make a change to a page on your site, it's entered in your Revisions.

A Revision is essentially a version of that page, which happened at a specific time. We'll split all the transactions attributed to your page, according to click date, so you can see how each version of the page has performed.

Once a revision has sufficient data, you'll see this blue checkmark appear.

Ideally your revisions look like this: better click-through rate and higher RPM after just one test!

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Last Updated 8/9/2021

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