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Set up a link cloaker on a custom domain or subdomain

If you've cloaked your links on a separate domain from yours, you'll need to tell us what domains or subdomains those are. It helps us detect those links during your site scan and label them for tracking.

On your Dashboard, click the three dots next to the site's settings you want to update.

Then, navigate to the tab called Link Settings.

Under Custom link cloaker or shortener, provide one URL per line. These URLs should:

  • Include the protocol (http or https). If you use both versions on your site, provide each in a separate line.
  • Include the domain or subdomain, if relevant. Even if your redirects are run on the same domain as your main site.
  • Not include any trailing slashes or paths after the TLD. Please let us know if you need to restrict your cloaker by path, and it's not hosted on your root domain.

Press Save Changes, and your custom cloaker settings will be applied on your next Site scan.

Have questions? Contact us at anytime.

Last Updated 1/18/2023

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