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Set up affiliate revenue attribution

Enabling revenue attribution is a quick process for the majority of our affiliate network integrations. For most people, it's a one-step setup:

  1. Enable Smart Labels for your integrations
  2. If you use a link cloaker, enable parameter pass-through
  3. If you have short links, replace them with long links or cloaked long links

Enable Smart Labels for your integrations

  1. Start by logging into Affilimate here:
  2. Go to Performance > Integrations
  3. For any network or program with a toggle in the Smart Label column, flip it on.

Smart Labels are our proprietary solution that enables page, link, and instance-level attribution of your conversions back to your content.

By flipping this switch, we'll add extra tracking to your existing affiliate links with no extra work from you. Here's how to find the setting in your account:

If you're not using a link cloaker or short links on your site, you're done!

Your commissions will start to appear in your Transaction report with enriched attribution data, and in your Content report aggregated by page. All automatically.

Here's how to achieve these with the most popular link cloakers for WordPress:

Note: If you are not using WordPress or you cloak your affiliate links differently, you will need to ensure your cloaking solution can merge external tracking parameters with internal ones. Note as well that some platforms, like Squarespace, do not support this functionality.

Thirsty Affiliates

Option 1: Enable "Query String Passing" globally

In general, there's almost no reason not to enable this for your links globally. All it does is combine whatever parameters you have when you create a link in a post to your cloaked link with the query.

To do that, check this box in your Thirsty Affiliates settings:

Option 2: Go into every link and choose "query string passing" for individual links

While we don't necessarily recommend this option, it is possible to do. You should use this option if you have a specific reason why you wouldn't want those parameters to get appended.

Similarly, Pretty Links has a per-link setting that does the exact same thing. It's called "parameter forwarding".

Open your Pretty Links settings for a specific link, and enable Parameter Forwarding.

Shortened affiliate links generally don't allow additional query parameters, such as Affilimate's Smart Labels, to get passed through to the underlying affiliate link.

So while they may "look tidy", those links are extremely inflexible and not only cause problems for tracking, but also create an enormous amount of work in the event of a sale of the web property.

That's because the new site owner would need to manually replace every short link with their own containing a new affiliate ID.

You should replace links created with any shortener with long affiliate links, for example:


If you still want your links to look "tidy", you can put those long affiliate links behind a cloaked link and enable parameter pass-through, as described above.

Again, not all hosts or servers can be set up to correctly cloak links and accept outside parameters. If you're not sure about how this applies to your website, please contact us for support.

Note: This best practice also includes not using links. These are also extremely painful to replace or label. Since it is against the Amazon guidelines to cloak their links, you must use the long version of Amazon links on your website.

How to find and replace affiliate links on your website

  1. Open your Links report and search for any of the URL patterns above
  2. For each link, use a tool like and paste your link in and look at the first redirect
  3. Use a plugin like Better Search Replace to replace all instances of the short link with the the first redirect on your site
  4. After you've replaced your most clicked, short affiliate links, scan your site for new affiliate links and import them

You'll start to see better attributed affiliate commissions from the next day on.

Have questions? Contact us at anytime.

Last Updated 2/25/2022

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