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Export your transactions

You can export your transactions using the Export section on the Performance screen.

This is useful if you want to run more advanced reports, or cross reference Affilimate's reports with reports from other software such as your SEO tool or Google Search Console.

Note: You can export a maximum of 20,000 transactions at a time. If you create an export and notice exactly 20,000 transactions are included, try shortening the timeframe and creating multiple exports.

In this article:

How to export transactions

Here's how to export Transactions from Affilimate into a CSV or XLSX file.

  1. Navigate to Performance > Export.
  2. Next to All Transactions click Export...
  3. Adjust export options the Filename, Columns, and Export Format as you please
  4. Click Export

Export options

In most cases, you can use the default options on and simply export the most complete set of data from your account. Otherwise, you can adjust these options:

  • Filename - By default, files will be called "affilimate_sales_export" followed by the start and end date. 
  • Columns - You can choose to include some of all of the following columns: Sale ID, Product Name, Advertiser Name, Completion Date, Domain URL, Tracking ID, Device, Currency, Commission Amount, Partner, Advertiser ID, Sale Date, Status, Page URL, Tracking Label, Quantity, Sale Amount, and Commission Percentage.
  • Format - CSV or XLSX.

In most cases, you'll probably just want to export all possible Columns. However, if this results in an unmanageably large dataset for you, you can reduce the number of columns exported.

If there's a data point in Affilimate you wish to export that's not available, let us know at

Have questions? Contact us at anytime.

Last Updated 5/9/2022

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