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Here are a few of the most common questions we get asked by people getting started with Affilimate:

Website and Technical Compatibility

Can I use Affilimate on a platform besides WordPress?

Yes, Affilimate is completely agnostic to the type of platform your site is running on. Our customers run primarily WordPress websites, but also run on platforms like SquareSpace, or are custom-coded or statically generated.

Compatibility with our platform requires only a complete sitemap.

Will Affilimate affect my site speed?

Affilimate is heavily optimize to have as minimal an effect on site speed as possible. It's small, served by a global CDN, and sends data in batches, not to mention that it's not a WordPress plugin so its performance doesn't depend on your hosting whatsoever.

You can learn more about Affilimate's speed optimizations here.

Is Affilimate compatible with CDNs?

Yes, Affilimate is compatible with CDNs such as Cloudflare and Ezoic. After making changes on your site, we recommend clearing all layers of caching and importing any new affiliate links right away for tracking. This way, we're always working with the freshest links and visuals.

You can learn more about Affilimate's caching and CDN compatibility here.

Are there any known compatibility issues with caching plugins?

Affilimate is extremely flexible when it comes to how the script is served, meaning it works with a variety of caching and performance plugins.

While we've specifically added special support for plugins like NitroPack, WP Rocket, W3 Super Cache, among others.

You can learn more about Affilimate's caching and CDN compatibility here.

Affilimate works with the most popular link cloakers, like Thirsty Affiliates and Pretty Links.

If you want to enable affiliate revenue attribution, you'll need to allow a setting called "Parameter Pass-Through". This allows us to attach tracking events to cloaked affiliate links.

You can learn more about how to configure your link cloaker to work with Affilimate.


Do you have an integration with [Affiliate Program]?

You can find our complete list of integrations on our Integrations page.

You can also find our Integrations roadmap here, inside our help center documentation.

Can you add support for independent or direct affiliate programs?

Many independent affiliate programs run white label affiliate tracking software, such as Post Affiliate Pro, TUNE, CAKE, or AffiliateWP.

This means we can support almost any affiliate program which is running affiliate software that exposes an API for publishers.

We cannot support programs that do not already provide some kind of exportable reporting data on the transaction level.

If you'd like to know if adding support for a specific affiliate program is possible, get in touch using our Help bubble in the lower right hand corner, or send us an email at

Do I have to give you my login details to affiliate networks?

Our standard integrations happen over API, meaning that you grant Affilimate access to your account on a limited basis using API Keys. In most cases, these API keys are read-only and grant Affilimate access to a subset of your data, namely transactions.

This data are stored and encrypted securely in a specialized data store, as securely as if it were a password.

Content Analytics

Am I able to see revenue for each of my landing pages?

Yes, our Content report breaks down your page-level affiliate earnings, RPM, click-through rate, as well as pageviews and clicks on affiliate links.

To enable this level of reporting, you can use a combination of our Smart Labels and Label Rules.

Will I be able to see analytics from before I started tracking with Affilimate?

Yes and no. Affilimate both  aggregates existing data from affiliate networks and programs, but also enriches that data and collects new analytics of its own.

Practically, you will be able to see historical conversions from all platforms once you add your Integrations.

If your historical data provides landing page information, because the network happens to collect that, we will do our best to merge that with our analytics and backfill the information.

Otherwise, Affilimate will add and collect new data from new conversions via our revenue attribution feature, collect new clicks, pageviews, and impressions, build heatmaps, and monitor revisions.

It is not possible to backfill this data because it does not exist until Affilimate adds and collects it.

Pricing and Billing Questions

How are pageviews counted?

Affilimate's Plans and Pricing are based primarily on the number of Monetized Pageviews you track every month.

A Monetized Pageview is a single visit to a page on your website where you have both:

  • An affiliate link present, which has been imported for tracking
  • Affilimate's tracking snippet installed

This means that you're generally not charged for visits to purely informational content on your website, as long as you make sure to only track affiliate links with Affilimate.

If you have site-wide affiliate links in, for example, your footer or sidebar, these would cause more or all of your pages to be tracked. Usually, on highly monetized websites, this doesn't cause you to need to change plans.

What happens if I exceed my pageview limit?

You'll never receive surprised charges on your credit card, or experience a gap in your tracking, due to an unexpected traffic spike.

If you exceed the pageview limit for your plan over the course of a rolling, two-month average, we'll email you and ask you to upgrade your account.

At that point, you'll have two weeks to decide to either upgrade or cancel your account.

For more information, read our article about upgrading and downgrading your account.

Can I track multiple websites on the same plan?

Yes, each Plan tier includes multiple websites. For example:

  • 100K Plan includes up to 3 websites
  • 250K Plan includes up to 10 websites
  • 500K Plan includes up to 30 websites
  • 750K Plan includes up to 50 websites
  • 1M+ Plans include up to 100 websites

If you need to track a portfolio of over 100 websites, please contact Support.

Have questions? Contact us at anytime.

Last Updated 2/25/2022

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