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Integrate with GetYourGuide

You have two possible ways to connect to GetYourGuide: 1) Uploading CSV reports by hand each time you want to import data, or 2) Providing login credentials with access to your account, which will pull data automatically.

Connect with your credentials

Start by opening the Performance section in your Affilimate dashboard, and choosing GetYourGuide:

Then, under "How do you want to integrate?" select API.

Either provide your own login credentials, or create a dedicated user for Affilimate to use. Note: GetYourGuide's invite user function does not properly support email addresses containing the + sign.

Finally, click Test connection, review your sales, and import them.

Quick instructions (CSV Import)

  1. Open the GetYourGuide Partner Portal in a new tab
  2. Navigate to Analytics > All Bookings
  3. Change the timeframe to Custom, and select about a year's worth of commissions
  4. Click Download CSV
  5. Change tabs to Affilimate's Performance screen
  6. Click Import > GetYourGuide, and drag your the CSV into the dropzone
  7. Review and Import your sales

Detailed instructions (CSV Import)

Open the GetYourGuide Partner Portal in a new tab, and then choose Analytics in the top navigation menu.

From here, choose All Bookings.

On the All Bookings page, change your timeframe to 6 or 12 months in the past. You want to be sure that you also capture any past, pending commissions whose statuses may have changed.

Choose the date and press Apply, then Download CSV.

Change tabs to Affilimate's Performance screen.

Click  Import > GetYourGuide, and drag your the CSV into the dropzone.

Review the conversions, and click Import. You're all set!

Have questions? Contact us at anytime.

Last Updated 4/13/2022

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