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Heatmap not rendering

If your heatmaps aren't rendering, here are a few reasons why and how to fix it:

1. Page is not in your sitemap

In order to know when to re-render heatmaps, we require that your sitemap contain the page you are trying to screenshot.

Either add a custom sitemap which contains this page, or check your sitemap plugin's settings to ensure it's included.

2. Sitemap does not contain LastMod dates

Check that your sitemap conforms to our sitemap compatibility guidelines.

3. Snippet not detected on your site

There are a few reasons we may not be able to execute the script on your website:

  • You haven't installed the script on this page of your website
    • Solution: Install the snippet on any pages where you want to have heatmaps. Each page must also contain at least one affiliate link to be a candidate for heatmaps.
  • You've installed the script using a method that gets blocked by our screenshot engine's adblocker
    • Solution: Get in touch with us at Support ( Tell us exactly how you installed the snippet, so we can add an exemption for your installation method.
  • You are using a same-origin referrer policy, which prevents our screenshot engine from verifying ownership of your website.
    • Solution #1: To fix this, place the following meta tag in the <head> of your website, and ensure that you do not have any other meta tags with the name "referrer" to avoid conflicts. <meta name="referrer" content="no-referrer-when-downgrade">
    • Solution #2: Otherwise, please contact Support ( so we can add an exemption for your website.

Please also note that a same-origin or strict-origin-when-cross-origin referrer policy can also cause your historical commissions to be attributed to your site's homepage.

For the best native affiliate data, we recommend adjusting your website's referrer policy. Learn more here

Have questions? Contact us at anytime.

Last Updated 2/28/2022

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