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Import rules from a spreadsheet

You can import a spreadsheet containing the SubIDs and their corresponding pages to Affilimate and create rules for each row.

This allows you to bring the list you've been using to map SubIDs to pages on your site, in bulk.

In this article:

Uploading your file

Go to Performance > Settings > Rules or navigate there directly.

In the top right corner, click the down arrow next to Create a rule and choose Import rules from file.

A modal will appear where you can either:

  1. Drag a file into the blue dropzone
  2. Click the dropzone to select a file from your computer

Format requirements for your file

Ensure that the CSV or XLSX files you are uploading conform to the following format:

Here are some things to keep in mind when preparing your file for import:

  • Your file must contain exactly two columns, including headers: the first column being the SubID, the second being the Page or Site URL
  • The Page or Site URL must be an absolute URL, including the protocol (i.e. "https://" in front)
  • Page URLs will result in Page-level attribution, whereas the domain alone will result in Site-level attribution (i.e. setting the Origin domain on matching transactions)
  • Insecure or malformed URLs will be skipped
  • SubIDs will be de-duplicated, and only the first SubID in the file will be respected

Previewing the new rules

Once you've imported the file, you'll see a preview of the rules you're about to create:

If the rules look correct, continue by clicking Create and apply rules.

If the rules are not correct and you need to adjust the format of your file, click Re-upload file to return to the previous screen. Make your adjustments, and upload the file again.

Have questions? Contact us at anytime.

Last Updated 6/16/2022

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