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Integrate with JVZoo

Quick instructions

  1. Open your JVZoo Account page in a new tab.
  2. Scroll down to Affiliate Information. Copy the number next to Your Affiliate ID below.
  3. Go to API Keys and click Create a new app.
  4. Create an app called Affilimate by clicking Save API Key.
  5. Now copy your API Key from JVZoo into the box in Affilimate called API Key.

Detailed instructions

To connect JVZoo to Affilimate, you'll need two pieces of data:

  1. Affiliate ID
  2. Application Key

Let's get each one and set up the connection now.

Step 1. Find your Affiliate ID

Start by logging into the Your JVZoo account and scroll down to "Affiliate Information".

Step 2. Find your Application Key and API Key

Now go to My Account > API Keys.

Click "Create a new App" and fill out the form. You can use "Affilimate" as the name of the app. Then push "Save API app".

You'll get redirected back to My Apps. Copy the text under "API Key" next to the app called "Affilimate", and paste it into Affilimate.

After you've provided your Affiliate ID and API Key to Affilimate, click "Test Connection", review the results, and import!

Click Test connection and your sales from JVZoo will pull automatically every few hours going forward.

Have questions? Contact us at anytime.

Last Updated 4/13/2022

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