Integrate with Klook

Quick instructions

  1. Log in to the Klook affiliate portal in your web browser.
  2. Click Performance in the top navigation, then Order List
  3. Adjust the dates to include the full year
  4. Push the green Export button
  5. Switch tabs to Affilimate and drag the file into the Import window
  6. Review your sales and complete the import

Need to add multiple websites to your Klook account? Click here for instructions

Klook is one of Affilimate's few manual integrations. This means that for new conversions to appear in Affilimate, you'll need to upload a new report each time.

Detailed instructions

Here's a step-by-step explanation of how to pull your affiliate earnings reports from Klook and import them to Affilimate.

Start by logging in to the Klook affiliate portal in your web browser.

Step 1. Click "Performance" in the top navigation, then "Order List"

Step 2. Adjust the dates to include the full year

Change the date in the calendar on the left to start as many months earlier as you like. Here I've selected January 1st.

Step 3. Push the green "Export" button

You'll see a file that starts with "general-[...].xslx" appear in the Downloads section of your browser.

Step 4. Without closing the Downloads section, change tabs to Affilimate and drag the file into the gray dropzone

Step 5. Review your sales from Klook and push the blue "Upload" button

Add multiple websites to Klook affiliate program

Log in to the Klook Dashboard.

Scroll down to the Website Admin section and click "Add Website".

Fill out the website information, and press Save.

You'll see a list of websites each where each website has a unique Affiliate ID.

Then, create new affiliate links with the website you just created.

Have questions? Contact us at anytime.

Last Updated 4/11/2021

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