Label Rules

In Affilimate, we have a few main ways to help you with affiliate revenue attribution:

  1. Smart Labels
  2. Label Rules (What this article is about)
  3. Integration Data

This article will explain:

What is an affiliate SubID?

Tracking labels goes by many names: SID, SubIDs, sub-campaigns, campaigns, cmp, label.

Regardless of what it's called, in Affilimate we call them labels. And a Label allows you to attribute your conversion to wherever it came from. For example, Labels can help you learn:

  • Which page did the sale come from?
  • Which product did the reader click before making the purchase?
  • What's my RPM for my site's pages?
  • What's the RPM for my latest revision?
  • Which links are leading to the most revenue?

For example, labels are used to tell you your Sales, RPM, and Items Sold in the Content Analytics:

As you can see, I can see a page on my website and how much money it's made in affiliate revenue.

When should you use a Label Rules instead of Smart Labels?

By default, many of Affilimate's integration support Smart Labels.

Smart Labels adapt the affiliate links on your website for you, so they have labels that point back to the content that drove the conversion.

This is extremely useful because it's fully automated, and you can turn it on by flipping a switch:

You can learn about automated revenue attribution here. In short, whenever Smart Label is an option, we recommend using that to do your affiliate revenue attribution.

Even though this works for a majority of cases, there are scenarios where you need to pre-generate these tracking labels by hand.

For example, on Amazon or with ads and widgets that are generated dynamically when a page of your website is loaded.

That's where Label Rules come in.

How to add a new Label Rule in Affilimate

After you've imported recent affiliate commissions, you might notice text in the Referring Page column that shows up black instead of blue.

This means a Tracking Label was attached to your conversion, but it's not yet linked to a page on your website.

Click the black text to begin creating the Label Rule.

You'll get a popup asking which page you want to associate the Label with.

Choose the relevant page on your website, and optionally restrict the rule based on the Network.

Going forward, all future commissions with this label will be automatically attribute to the page on your site.

This way, you can merge together revenue from various networks and programs, as long as they support SubID tracking.

Have questions? Contact us at anytime.

Last Updated 8/9/2021

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