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Link analytics metrics

Here are the columns and metrics you can track under Links analytics.

To show additional columns go to Columns and select the columns you want to display.


How this link performed, according to the selected sorted column (sort by Clicks, Average CTR, Earnings, etc.), compared to its performance in the previous timeframe.


Which affiliate network, program or platform we've automatically detected that this link belongs to.


The name of this affiliate link. You can customize this name by clicking on the row and using the button Rename link.


How many time the affiliate link was served on a page to one of your visitors, regardless of whether they saw it or not.


How many times this affiliate link was seen as a result of a visitor scrolling down one of your pages.

% Seen

On pages where this affiliate link appears, how often visitors scroll far enough on the page to see the link.


How many times this affiliate link was clicked on your website, on pages where the tracking snippet is installed. This excludes duplicate clicks and bot clicks.

Average CTR

How often visitors who see this affiliate link actually click on the link. This is calculated by dividing clicks by impressions.


Any known issues with this link will appear here, for example being broken or out of stock. This applies only to Amazon links.


How much revenue clicks on this exact affiliate link on your website have generated from Smart Labeled transactions.


Earnings per click. How much you earn on average for every click through on this affiliate link on your website from Smart Labeled Transactions.

Date created

The date and time this link was imported to Affilimate for tracking.

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Last Updated 4/22/2022

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