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List of user agents & IP ranges

Affilimate works out of the box with most hosting providers, plugins, and firewalls. In a few rare exceptions, you may need to adjust a few settings to allow Affilimate to crawl your site for affiliate links and generate heatmaps.

Note: If you have an issue with your CDN blocking our scan, you first need to override bot fight mode. Bot fight mode runs before the whitelist is considered. 

If you need to whitelist Affilimate's crawl requests in your firewall settings, security plugins, or hosting configuration, here is a list of our user agents and IPs.

User agents:

  • curl/7.65.0
  • AM/1.0.0
  • affilimate-puppeteer
  • node-sitemap-stream-parser

IP range:

  • IP Range (CIDR):
  • Default Gateway:
  • Usable addresses (inclusive): to

Have questions? Contact us at anytime.

Last Updated 1/12/2023

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