Live vs Historical Links

By default, your affiliate links will be filtered by Live only.

Links in Affilimate can fall into two categories:

  • Live - Any link that was imported for tracking, and then appeared on a page visited at least once during the selected time period.
  • Historical - Any link that was imported for tracking, and then did not appear on a page visited during the selected time period.

For example, if you are viewing analytics from the Last 30 Days, all Live links were present on a page that was visited at least once in the last 30 days.

But if you removed the link from all pages on your website within the last 7 days, that link will still appear in your Live Links.

If you want a good understanding of which links are now live on your website, consider shortening your time frame to a shorter duration, such as the Last 7 Days.

If you want to see all links, including both Live and Historical, simply disable the Live only toggle and you'll be able to see both live and historical links from your website.

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Last Updated 5/8/2021

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