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New heatmap / revision not appearing

Affilimate checks your site for new revisions every night at midnight.

It does this by checking your sitemap's LastMod date for a page and seeing if it changed. If it has, Affilimate creates a new revision and captures a fresh screenshot for your heatmaps.

Made a change yesterday or earlier and still don't see a new revisions or heatmap?

Here are the two possible explanations and how to fix it:

Sitemap is cached or outdated (Most common)

Find your sitemap, usually located at, replacing "" with your own domain name.

If you're successful, you should see something like this (design may vary):

Find the entry for the page you are wondering about:

  1. Click one of the sitemap URLs to see all the pages inside the sitemap (usually articles are in the "post sitemap").
  2. Use Ctrl + F to search for the slug of the post you want to check. For example, "best-blenders-2022".
  3. Check if the Last Modified date in this column is correct. If not, this is your problem!

Make sure to check your sitemap in an incognito window! When you are logged in to the WordPress admin, you are not seeing the public, cached version of your website that your visitors – and Affilimate's crawler – will see.

Usually what's happening is your caching plugin or CDN is caching your sitemap.

Here are some fixes for popular Sitemap plugins on WordPress:

To resolve this issue:

  1. Follow the instructions for your Sitemap plugin to force your sitemap to update
  2. If your plugin isn't listed above, google "[plugin name] sitemap not updating" to find instructions
  3. Afterwards, open your sitemap in an incognito tab again to verify that the date is now correct

Once the date is correct, either wait until tomorrow to see a fresh heatmap/revision or contact Support and we'll trigger the check for you.

If your sitemap's date is correct, here's another possible explanation:

Multiple sitemaps with conflicting dates

If your website has multiple sitemaps with conflicting information in them, you may need to restrict Affilimate to scanning just one.

For example if you have a sitemap at /sitemap.xml and a different sitemap specified in robots.txt.

To fix this, provide a custom sitemap URL which specifies which one Affilimate should reference for your revisions.

Have questions? Contact us at anytime.

Last Updated 2/28/2022

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