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Scan didn't find all affiliate links

If you're having issues with your website scan not finding all your affiliate links, here are a few solutions:

  1. Clear your CDN and caching plugins, and check your site in an Incognito window
  2. Add a custom link cloaker
  3. Provide a custom sitemap

Clear your CDN and caching plugins

If you're adding affiliate links to your site, you may be seeing an uncached version of your website if you're logged into your site's Admin panel. However, visitors of your site (as well as Affilimate) do not see the updated content.

Be sure to clear your CDN and all caching plugins before running a site scan.

Add a custom link cloaker

Affilimate can automatically find cloaked affiliate links, assuming you are using a standard redirect method.

If your link cloaker exists on an external domain or subdomain (for example, ""), please specify your link cloaker's custom domain and re-scan your website.

If you're using client-side redirects or custom scripts to forward users to affiliate links, please reach out to Support.

Provide any custom sitemap locations

Our affiliate link scanner depends on your sitemap existing in a few predictable locations like /sitemap.xml, or being listed in your robots.txt. We also rely on all pages you want us to crawl being available inside the sitemap.

If your sitemap is at a non-standard URL, please set a custom sitemap for your account.

Have questions? Contact us at anytime.

Last Updated 7/5/2022

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