Integrate with Partnerize

Quick instructions

  1. Open the Partnerize Console in a new tab.
  2. Click the Partnerize logo in the top left corner, choose Company Settings.
  3. Next to Partner ID, you'll see a code. Copy that into Partner ID below.
  4. Open the top left menu again, and choose Account Settings.
  5. Click the Eye icon next to your User Application Key and User API key.
  6. Copy the values into the respective boxes in Affilimate.

Detailed instructions

In another tab, open Affilimate's Performance section.

You'll see spots for each of the three pieces of data (labeled #3, #4, and #5 below):

To connect Partnerize to Affilimate, you'll need three pieces of data:

  1. Partner ID
  2. Application Key
  3. API Key

Let's get each one and set up the connection now.

Step 1. Find your Partner ID

Start by logging into the Partnerize Console and visiting the Company Settings.

Right next to the text "Partner ID" you'll find your Partner ID.

Copy and paste this into Affilimate in to the field called Partner ID.

Step 2. Find your Application Key and API Key

Now go to your Partnerize Account Settings.

Here you'll find your User application key and your User API Key. Push the Eye button next to each, highlight the value inside the box, and paste them into Affilimate respectively.

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Last Updated 3/16/2021

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