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Integrate with Partnerize

Important: Partnerize has three separate link formats, and requirements for how to ensure they can be Smart Labeled. Please read about them below before enabling Smart Labels for Partnerize links.

In this article:

Quick instructions

  1. Open the Partnerize Console in a new tab.
  2. Click the Partnerize logo in the top left corner, choose Company Settings.
  3. Next to Partner ID, you'll see a code. Copy that into Partner ID below.
  4. Open the top left menu again, and choose Account Settings.
  5. Click the Eye icon next to your User Application Key and User API key.
  6. Copy the values into the respective boxes in Affilimate.

Not able to connect with your credentials? If your Partnerize account won't connect even though you're sure the details are right, please double-check that you are using the API details belonging to the account Publisher administrator.

If you're part of the Apple Services affiliate program via Partnerize, please get in touch with Support to configure your account.

Detailed instructions

In another tab, open Affilimate's Performance section.

You'll see spots for each of the three pieces of data (labeled #3, #4, and #5 below):

To connect Partnerize to Affilimate, you'll need three pieces of data:

  1. Partner ID
  2. Application Key
  3. API Key

Let's get each one and set up the connection now.

Step 1. Find your Partner ID

Start by logging into the Partnerize Console and visiting the Company Settings.

Right next to the text "Partner ID" you'll find your Partner ID.

Copy and paste this into Affilimate in to the field called Partner ID.

Step 2. Find your Application Key and API Key

Now go to your Partnerize Account Settings.

Here you'll find your  User application key and your User API Key. Push the Eye button next to each, highlight the value inside the box, and paste them into Affilimate respectively.

Attributing revenue for Partnerize links

Here are the three Partnerize link formats and their tracking requirements:

1. Standard format

  • Standard format links can be Smart Labeled by default, as long as they are not cloaked.
  • If you cloak your Partnerize links in this format, you will need to implement a link cloaker customization to place the pubref query parameter at the correct location inside the destination URL (after camref and before destination).

2. Shortened format

  • Shortened links cannot be Smart Labeled, because they ignore externally-provided pubref parameters
  • In this scenario, you must replace your shortened links with either a Standard Format or Query Format link

3. Query format

  • Query format links are interchangeable with Standard Format links, including that the destination parameter must always come last.
  • For this reason, these will also not work for cloaked links without a custom link cloaker if you have provided a destination URL, because link cloakers always place outside parameters at the end of the URL.
  • If you are just linking to the homepage of a campaign, and do not provide a destination URL, then this format link will work with most link cloakers.

To create your own Query format links, you can convert them yourself by adding a question mark ? after the the second forward slash / of your affiliate link.

Then you will also need to change any colons : to the equals sign =, and change any in between slashes / to the ampersand sign &.

For example, this standard format link:

Will become:

Again, your best option is to have uncloaked Standard format links or uncloaked Query format links. And you can use cloaked, query format links if you do not need to specify a deep link / destination URL.

Besides these scenarios, cloaked links will inevitably require technical customizations, for which you'll need a developer's help.

Have questions? Contact us at anytime.

Last Updated 8/15/2022

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