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Integrate with Post Affiliate Pro

Important: When tracking and attributing revenue via Post Affiliate Pro links, make sure your links use the query format and not the hash or direct link format. For example, if your links include #a_aid=123456789, you should switch that to ?a_aid=123456789. If using #123456789 format, switch that to ?a_aid=123456789

This is critical for Smart Labels to work properly for Post Affiliate Pro links, especially cloaked links where cloakers often strip hashes when you add outside query parameters (thus removing your affiliate code!). 

Quick instructions

Repeat this process for however many connections to Post Affiliate Pro instances you want to make.

  1. Provide the name of the network or program in the first field, e.g. "Ultimate Bundles".
  2. Provide the URL of the affiliate portal up until "/affiliates/login.php". For example:
    1. If the URL looks like "" then use "" as the portal URL.
    2. If the URL looks like "" then use "" as the portal URL.
  3. Provide your username (email) and password you use to log into the portal.

Detailed instructions

Post Affiliate Pro is a popular white-label affiliate tracking solution. It's used by both individual affiliate programs, as well as networks.

Affilimate is compatible with most Post Affiliate Pro instances. If you have any issues connecting a Post Affiliate Pro instance, let us know because we may need to customize the integration a little bit for your situation.

You can identify a Post Affiliate Pro instance based on three possible factors:

First, the URL of the affiliate portal contains the ""

Or, the design of the login page matches one of these two designs.

Or finally, the design of the affiliate dashboard looks approximately like this.

You will need three pieces of information to connect to Post Affiliate Pro instances:

  1. The URL of the login page (without any hashes)
  2. Your username
  3. Your password

All your data is stored securely and encrypted. Here's how to do this step-by-step.

Step 1. Copy the URL of the login page, your username, and password

Open the Affilimate Performance Reporting screen, and click the button for "Connect or Upload Reports".

Then select "Post Affiliate Pro".

In another tab, navigate to the login page of the Post Affiliate Pro advertiser or network you want to connect.

Copy the first part of the URL, until   /affiliates/login.php in the URL. The URL must begin with https://. For example:

Fill out the data in Affilimate:

  1. Affiliate Program Name — Give a name to the network or advertiser.
  2. Affiliate Portal URL — As described above, the URL of the affiliate portal until the first /.
  3. Username (Email) — The email address you use to log in to the affiliate portal.
  4. Password — The password you use to log in to the affiliate portal.

Step 2. Test the integration and pull reports

Click the "Test Connection" button. Pull and review the reports. If they look correct, proceed to import them.

NOTE — If the reports do not look correct, please contact us at so we can customize the integration for your specific instance of Post Affiliate Pro.

Step 3. Enable Smart Labels

Open the Integrations screen and flip the toggle in the column "Smart Label" to ON.

Have questions? Contact us at anytime.

Last Updated 7/5/2022

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