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Integrate with Rakuten

Quick instructions

These instructions will help you get connected with Rakuten quickly.

If you want a more detailed explanation with screenshots, click here to jump to detailed instructions.

How to find your API token

  1. Open the Rakuten affiliate portal in a new tab
  2. Click Reports > Reporting in the top menu
  3. Under Choose Report click Gross Sales and Commissions Report
  4. Next to the View Report button, click the downward arrow to see options
  5. Choose Get API
  6. In the URL, copy everything AFTER &token= in the box called API Token below

How to find which networks to add

  1. Click Programs > My Advertisers
  2. Click Reports > Reporting in the top menu
  3. Choose the network based on the country flag you see next to the advertiser
  4. If you are in networks in multiple countries, add another integration with the same API token and the new network country by clicking Add Another Connection to Rakuten below.

Detailed instructions

Start by opening two tabs in your web browser:

  1. Rakuten's Affiliate Portal in one tab
  2. Affilimate's Performance overview in a second tab

We need to find three pieces of information to create the connection between Affilimate and Rakuten's platform.

  1. Your Report Token
  2. Your Site ID
  3. Your Network ID

Want to get data into Affilimate about the Brand of the products you're selling? Click here for Brand reporting setup, or if you're not sure, ignore this step.

Now let's connect Rakuten to Affilimate.

Step 1. Find your Report Token

In the top navigation menu, go to  Reports > Reporting

Click the button labeled  Choose Report and then pick the first report in the menu.

On that page, click the arrow next to View Report and then choose Get API.

This will open a popup. Select all text  after token= and copy it into the field in Affilimate called API URL Token.

Step 2. Find Your Site ID

Look in the top right corner of the screen on your Rakuten dashboard.

After  Site ID you'll see a 7-digit number, which is the Site ID.

Copy and paste that into the field in Affilimate called  Site ID.

Step 3. Find Your Network

In Rakuten, each country has its own "network". You need to figure out which countries the affiliate programs you belong to are in.

Go to Programs > My Advertisers.

Then just look at the flags for each program you are in. You will add additional connections in Affilimate for each country represented.

Step 4. Test your connection and import past commissions

After you've pasted your API Token and Site ID into Affilimate, choose the website that the Site ID is associated with and the Network.

Then click "Test Connection". This can take a few minutes, depending on how fast Rakuten responds to our request.

Once it's successful, you'll see a green message and the option to Import Sales.

This will pull all your commissions from that time period (usually 12 months). Preview them and then click the "Upload sales" button.

This will import your commissions and put them on a schedule to be pulled regularly for you.

Set up brand reporting with Rakuten

To do this, you'll create and save a custom report with a couple of columns. It should take about 30 seconds to set up if you're a little familiar with Rakuten's Reporting already.

To start, open Rakuten's Reporting page.

Click  Build a new report.

Then, click Add and Remove Columns from the menu on the right side of the screen.

Add the following columns:

  • Product Name
  • SKU
  • Total Commission
  • Product Brand

Take note that Product Brand is available under the Additional Transaction Details menu, which may be collapsed by default.

Save the report by clicking Save Report and then Save Report again from the dropdown menu.

Name the report  Affilimate SKU Report — This name must match exactly.

Either create a new category or assign it to an existing category for the report. The name of the category does not matter.

Click  Save Changes.

That's it! We'll pull this report in addition to your commission item, non-commissionable, and link signature reports to provide a unified view in Affilimate.

Have questions? Contact us at anytime.

Last Updated 4/14/2022

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