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Request an integration

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For publishers

Are you using an affiliate program or network that isn't listed here yet? Get in touch with the following information and we'll be happy to investigate what support would look like:

  • Affiliate portal login page URL
  • API documentation URL (if available)
  • A sample transaction export of the last 12 months via CSV or XLSX (if available)
  • 3-5 different examples of affiliate links via this program
  • Any information about the SubID tracking capabilities of the platform

Please keep in mind that we can support almost any affiliate program which is running affiliate software that exposes an API for publishers.

We cannot support programs that do not already provide some kind of exportable reporting data on the transaction level.

At a minimum, the platform must provide:

  • A timestamp
  • A unique identifier per row (such as a transaction ID, order ID, booking ID, or similar)
  • Some kind of individual transaction export (i.e. not aggregated by day or month)

Send these details over to and we'll be in touch with you about your options.

For networks and platforms

We are always interested in integrating with platforms that our publishers are working with.

There are a two main integration possibilities, listed below in order of preference:

  1. API integration - You issue API tokens to affiliate publishers, which allow them to retrieve their affiliate commissions.
  2. Postback integration - You allow publishers to provide a postback URL, to which you send conversion events as they happen.

The minimum data required for an integration 

  • A timestamp for the conversion date
  • A unique identifier per row (such as transaction ID, order ID, booking ID, or similar)
  • Commission amount and currency
  • Advertiser name and ID, if you have multiple advertisers
  • Status of the transaction (e.g. pending, canceled, refunded, etc.)

An ideal integration would also provide:

  • SubID field (as many as possible)
  • Product name and SKU ID
  • Gross sale amount
  • A timestamp for the click date
  • A timestamp for the locking date
  • Order ID
  • Any additional metadata your system tracks (such as color, brand, destination, etc.)
  • Click counts per advertiser

Get in touch with us via and we'll be happy to explore what an integration could look like.

Have questions? Contact us at anytime.

Last Updated 10/27/2022

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