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How do I know when a revision is ready?

Affilimate provides two icons to help you see quickly when a Revision is ready for analysis:

  • Blue check – Ready for analysis
  • Gray clock – Collecting data

Blue check – Ready for analysis

That revision of your page or post has collected enough data for analysis. Specifically, it's been live for at least two weeks and has a minimum of 2,000-3,000 pageviews.

This is the recommended minimum dataset recommended for reviewing heatmaps.

You may also want to wait longer for a revision before acting on it if:

  • Seasonal changes may be affecting the results (holidays, certain months of the year, etc)
  • World news or events may be affecting results
  • Product availability may be affecting results

Gray clock – Collecting data

This means we are still collecting data for that revision, and we advise waiting until the blue check appears before assessing your results.

In the case of lower traffic sites or pages, you may choose to perform your analysis and make decisions before a revision is officially ready.

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Last Updated 2/27/2022

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