Track a Link Manually

If you want to track a link manually, such as a link that doesn't appear during our automated affiliate site scan, here's how.

Quick instructions

  1. Go to Links and click the down Arrow button next to the Import button
  2. Click Track link manually in the dropdown menu
  3. Provide the name of the product and the link to track
  4. Click Create

Detailed instructions

Go to Links and click the down Arrow button next to the Import button, and click Track link manually.

Provide the name and link URL you want to track, and then click Create.

Clicks, views, and CTR are all available for manually tracked links.

If you want to track commissions on a link-level, make sure to enable revenue attribution using one of our existing Integrations.

Have questions? Contact us at anytime.

Last Updated Mar 24, 2021

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