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Can I track independent affiliate programs?

Note: Even if you're not able to import affiliate commissions from a specific program, you are always able to track clicks and impressions on links from any platform.

Many independent affiliate programs run white label affiliate tracking software, such as Post Affiliate Pro, TUNE, CAKE, or Affiliate WP.

This means we can support almost any affiliate program which is running affiliate software that exposes an API for publishers.

We cannot support programs that do not already provide some kind of exportable reporting data on the transaction level.

At a minimum, the platform must provide:

  • A timestamp
  • A unique identifier per row (such as a transaction ID, order ID, booking ID, or similar)
  • Some kind of individual transaction export (i.e. not aggregated by day or month)

To request an integration, read the instructions in this article.

Further, we plan to support custom CSV/Google Sheet import and S2S Postback tracking later this year.

Have questions? Contact us at anytime.

Last Updated 7/18/2022

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