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Track each affiliate site separately

When you add a new website in Affilimate, you also want to make sure that you've added the website in your various affiliate portals.

This makes sure that the affiliate network or merchants is okay with you delivering traffic from the new website. This is important to make sure you stay compliant with the affiliate program's terms of service.

This article will explain how to add a second website with affiliate links to:

Multiple websites on Amazon

You are allowed to use affiliate links from a single Amazon Associates account on multiple websites, as long as you add those websites to your account.

For better tracking, we also recommend creating unique Tracking IDs per website.

Want a detailed tutorial on tracking Amazon conversions? Read: How to Track Amazon Sales with Unique Tracking IDs.

Step 1. Add your website to your Amazon profile

Go to your Your Associates Account settings and add additional websites to the list of Your Websites.

Step 2. Create unique tracking IDs

Amazon doesn't explicitly support creating different URLs for different websites.

Rather, you will need to create unique Tracking IDs which both encompass the information about which website the sale came from  and which piece of content it was.

For example, using this pattern:

your-website-name, e.g. knittingisfun

blog-post-name, e.g. knitting-101

Which results in a combined tracking ID such as:


Multiple websites on Impact

Go to your Settings, by clicking the three dots in the lower right corner:

Then, on the Settings screen, choose Marketplace Profile and scroll down to Promotional Properties:

Add any additional websites you want to track here.

Then, when you create your affiliate link, always expand  Advanced in the Link Builder:

And choose your Property when you build the link:

This will ensure that each of your conversions is properly attributed to the right website.

Multiple websites on

You can add multiple websites to a single Affiliate account by adding it in the partner portal. Here's how.

Step 1. Go to your Promotional Spaces

Log in to the Booking Affiliate Platform.

In the top navigation bar, go to:  Your account > Other affiliates.

Step 2. Add a new website

Click the button called Add a new affiliate and fill in your site details.

Now each of your websites will have their own AID (affiliate IDs). And you can use this to create unique affiliate links for each website.

Step 3. Create new affiliate links

Choose which website you want to use before creating your new affiliate links.

Multiple websites on CJ Affiliate

You can add multiple websites to a single CJ Affiliate account, here's how.

Step 1. Go to Account > Websites

Log in to the CJ Affiliate Dashboard.

In the gray top navigation menu, click "Account > Websites".

This will take you to the Promotional Property Manager.

Step 2. Click "Create Property"

TIP— If you get an error that you must have a "primary promotional property", and your second site is not the primary one, just press "Cancel" and go edit your other site and set it to be the primary property. Once done with that, go back and create the second site again.

You'll need to scroll down and fill out the details for this new website.

Your new website will show up in your list of properties, and then you'll see new Property IDs.

You will use those to split your commission reports between different websites in Affilimate.

Step 3. Create new links using this Promotional Property

Make sure that when you create affiliate links for your second site using the Deep Link URL Generator bookmarklet, you select the correct Promotional Property.

Multiple websites on Awin

Awin gives you the option to either add a new Content Site or to add a new Publisher Account when it comes to tracking multiple websites.

If you want to keep all the reporting together under a single Space in Affilimate, simply add a new Content Site.

If you expect that you may sell the website someday or the website is run as a separate business entity, create a new Publisher Account instead.

Most Affilimate users will want to add new Content Sites. Here's how to do that on Awin:

Step 1. Go to your Promotional Spaces

Log in to the Awin Dashboard.

In the top navigation bar, go to: Acccount > Profile > Promotional Spaces.

Step 2. Add a new website

Click "Add Content Site" and fill out the details for the new website.

Step 3. Verify the new website

Click the shield icon above the screenshot of your website's homepage.

Follow the instructions to either add a meta tag to your website's header or upload an HTML file.

Multiple websites on Klook

Step 1. Go to your Website Admin

Log in to the Klook Dashboard.

Scroll down to the Website Admin section and click "Add Website".

Step 2. Add a new website

You'll see a list of websites each where each website has a unique Affiliate ID.

Step 3. Create affiliate links

When you create new links, be sure to choose from the Website dropdown and select the right website.

Multiple websites on Pepperjam

Step 1. Go to your Account Settings

Log in to Pepperjam Ascend and click on your Name or Company Name in the top right corner.

Step 2. Add a new website

Scroll down until you see "Additional Websites". Click "Add Additional Site" and put in your website's URL.

Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page for the blue "Update" button.

After updating, you'll be able to scroll back up and see the ID for the new website you've added.

Multiple websites on Rakuten

Step 1. Go to your Marketing Channels

Log in to Rakuten Affiliate Portal's Marketing Channel section.

(Found under My Account > Marketing Channels)

Step 2. Add a new channel

Click "New Channel" and provide information about your website.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Save".

Step 1. Open the Publisher Hub and click "Settings > Sites"

Log in to the Skimlinks Dashboard.

Click on the cog icon in the top right corner and then "Sites".

Step 2. Click "Apply with another site"

Fill out the form to add a second website to your Skimlinks account.

Step 3. Once approved, create links using the new site

Using the Link Generator, choose the website you want to create the link for.

Then create your link as normal.


Step 1. Go to Account > Account Settings

Then scroll down to Account Information, where you'll see your Websites.

Step 2. Add an additional website

Next to Additional Websites, click the link called "add".

Type in the URL of your website, including the protocol (https:// for example).

Once you confirm, the website will be listed under "Additional Websites".

What's important to know is that ShareASale will not help you attribute conversions to different websites, unless you explicitly set a SubID on your links. However, if you're using Affilimate's Smart Labels, we'll handle that for you.

Have questions? Contact us at anytime.

Last Updated 2/26/2022

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