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Update cloaked affiliate links

If you're working with cloaked affiliate links, you may change the destination URL at some point.

In Affilimate, the destination URL is the affiliate link behind any kind of cloaked or shortened links on your website.

Updating your destination URL in Affilimate after you've done it to a cloaked link is important, because it's how we know which SubID format to append to your links for revenue attribution.

In this article:

Update the destination URL of an affiliate link

After you've changed the destination of your cloaked link, find the affiliate link in Affilimate.

Then, click the Refresh button next to the destination URL. Our system will detect the new destination, and begin to label your affiliate links with the correct SubID format.

You can always preserve the history of an affiliate link whose URL you want to change editing it in Affilimate.

To edit an affiliate link's URL, use the Edit button on the Link's details page.


Here's how to fix a couple of common issues related to working with cloaked affiliate links:

If you're using a link cloaker on a custom subdomain, or a custom domain separate from your main website, read our instructions on How to Add a Custom Link Cloaker before triggering an update to your destination URLs.

Destination URL isn't changing

It can take a few seconds after you've updated a cloaked link on your website for the changes to take effect. Just wait a minute or two, and try clicking the Refresh button again.

Using geo-location redirects

Affilimate currently doesn't support the combination of Smart Labels and geo-redirected URLs behind cloaked links. If you need this capability, please get in touch with us via our Support email at

Have questions? Contact us at anytime.

Last Updated 2/24/2022

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