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Integrate with Viator

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Important: Viator has two partner portals, an old one and a new one. Affilimate only imports reports from the new portal. Please be sure that the interface and report you are downloading is from the portal linked below.

If you only have a Viator account in the old portal, you'll need to create an account in the new one and will only be able to import new commissions you drive from links created in that portal.

Integration instructions

  1. Open your Viator Partner Dashboard which should look like the screenshot below
  2. In the top navigation, click Reports
  3. Then under reports, choose Bookings
  4. Adjust the timeframe to include your oldest pending sale (12 months is generally safe)
  5. Click Export and then import that CSV file into Affilimate.

Tracking Widget revenue

To properly track and attribute any revenue from Viator's widgets back to your content, you'll need to provide your own page-specific Campaign ID when building the widget.

For example, if you've got an article with the slug "rome-itinerary" then name your Campaign "Rome Itinerary".

Finally, create a Label Rule linking your "rome-itinerary" label to the /rome-itinerary page on your website.

Anytime you import your sales, those commissions will be automatically linked to the correct page and shown next to revenue from typical affiliate links.

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Last Updated 2/26/2022

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