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Website won't verify

Having trouble verifying your website setup? Here are a few possible reasons and steps to take.

Site is still cached

  • Clear any WordPress or site-level caching (e.g. WP Cache, WP Rocket, Nitropack, etc.)
  • Clear any server-level caching or your CDN (e.g. Cloudflare)
  • Clear your browser cache by hard refreshing (Ctrl + Shift + R)

Conflict with performance plugin

Trying to verify the wrong URL

  • Check if your URL should or should not contain "www" in front by double clicking it in the address bar of your browser
  • Check for typos in your website's URL

Snippet installed incorrectly

  • Check you installed both the <meta> tag and the <script> and can find them both in your HTML using the Chrome Developer Tools
  • Check for typos or misspellings in the <script> tag

Other reasons

  • Check your content security policy (CSP) is not blocking the script

If you've done that and your site still doesn't verify, you can request manual verification by using our Support bubble.

Have questions? Contact us at anytime.

Last Updated 2/27/2022

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