Link Cloaker Compatibility

Affilimate is compatible with popular link cloakers like Thirsty Affiliates and Pretty Links.

If you want to use our Smart Label solution, which automatically adapts your affiliate links so you can know exactly which page and link your commission came from, you'll need to enable the following options.

In general, if you are not using an existing solution, we recommend Thirsty Affiliates for link cloaking.

This is because it has a simple, global setting for forwarding tracking labels to your links.

This means you can re-use cloaked links on many pages, but still know which page converted, using Affilimate's Smart Labels.

Set up Thirsty Affiliates

Option 1: Enable "Query String Passing" globally

In general, there's almost no reason not to enable this for your links globally. All it does is combine whatever parameters you have when you create a link in a post to your cloaked link with the query.

To do that, check this box in your Thirsty Affiliates settings:

Option 2: Go into every link and choose "query string passing" for individual links

While we don't necessarily recommend this option, it is possible to do. You should use this option if you have a specific reason why you wouldn't want those parameters to get appended.

Set up Pretty Links

Similarly, Pretty Links has a per-link setting that does the exact same thing. It's called "parameter forwarding".

Open your Pretty Links settings for a specific link, and enable Parameter Forwarding.

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Last Updated Mar 16, 2021

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