Here's what Affilimate can do for your affiliate strategy

Aggregated reporting

Collect commissions from different networks in one place Learn which referrers have the best conversion rate Figure out which buttons, deeplinks, or widgets convert best Compare networks and programs by earnings per click (EPC) Save time by logging into a single dashboard

Automated affiliate link management

Fully automated import of your existing links Works with link cloakers Check regularly for new links Search and filter your links by term or partner

Content and placement testing

Easily test content variations and link placement Compare results based on CTR, RPM, items sold, or revenue No manual setup for running tests Examine your data in a visual way

End-to-end tracking

Context-aware heatmaps to visualize clicks and sales See which links you need to move or replace Doesn't conflict with Wordpress plugins Examine your data in a visual way Won't slow down your site

Analytics and stats

Optimize link positions with click-through rates Move links that are clicked often but rarely seen Track countries leading to clicks-throughs Track your best channels (Google, Pinterest, etc.) Optimize by device type (desktop vs. mobile)

Browser extension

Examine any page on your blog or website in one click Import commissions from direct affiliate programs Receive critical alerts directly in your browser Integrate analytics into your daily routine

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