We're just getting started! Here's what we're building next.

Polishing & Quick wins

Mission: Polish existing features to make them more useful, timely, and easy to understand.

Full support for link cloakers: See your cloaked links properly attributed to the right partner in all reports. Enhance the Partner dashboard: Provide some more useful information about the performance of your various partners. Dashboard redesign: Redesign the experience so the charts are more time-sensitive and and easier to detect what's changed at a glance.

Actionable analytics
In progress

Mission: Make it easy to find the most important optimization you can do on your site in seconds.

Reporting and integrations. Layer conversions and sales with on-page events for the full picture :) Notifications. Get notified about important events on your site you'll want to act on and the impact of changes you've recently made. Recommendations. Surface the highest impact changes you can implement on your site in an actionable way. Earning potential and commissions. Connect the dimension of prices and commission rates for your pages and products.

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