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We're just getting started! Here's what we're building next.


Multi-site support. Seemlessly switch between multiple websites you run and track revenue across them, even if they share affiliate network accounts. Label Rules. Map your existing tracking label system to Affilimate Labels, allowing you to to get aggregated reporting for programs that don't support dynamic SubIDs (such as Amazon). Notifications. Get notified about important events on your site you'll want to act on and the impact of changes you've recently made.

In Progress

Analysis presets. Answer common questions by applying our preset filters to your analytics. Use these presets to gradually learn how to dig into your own data. Recommendations. Surface the highest impact changes you can implement on your site in an actionable way. Dynamic education content. Learn how to optimize your content with lessons that leverage your own analytics. More integrations: You can always check out our integration roadmap or write us to ask about an integration.

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