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Amazon One Link: How to set up Universal Amazon Links in 2021 (No JavaScript!)

Amazon One Link is a built-in way to earn money from international Amazon affiliate commissions. Follow this step-by-step guide to setting up Amazon OneLink for your Amazon affiliate website.

Published January 05, 2021

25 Amazon Affiliate Program Alternatives to Diversify Your Affiliate Income in 2021

Maybe you want to ditch Amazon for financial or just practical reasons. Here's why you should consider it and profitable affiliate programs to try instead.

Published January 03, 2021

Amazon Affiliate Link Checker: Now Included with Affilimate

Use Affilimate's Amazon Broken Link Checker Tool to find broken or out-of-stock Amazon affiliate links on your website and easily prioritize and replace them.

Published July 21, 2020

How to Track Amazon Affiliate Links with Unique Tracking IDs

As a member of Amazon Associates, learn how to create unique tracking IDs for different posts on your website and track your Amazon affiliate sales in a more data-driven way.

Published July 12, 2020

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