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Even as a pro blogger, creating an affiliate strategy can feel like guesswork.

Traditional marketing tools are not tailored for the affiliate use case. Beyond that, the tools that you can wire together to get the job done are too expensive for independent content creators and require a bunch of custom code.

Most people start with a handful of tools and a spreadsheet, but soon realize it's impossible to keep up-to-date.

Affilimate is the first end-to-end conversion optimization and analytics tool specifically designed for independent publishers earning money from affiliate marketing.

We believe that using industry-standard conversion optimization techniques for affiliate content should be easily accessible to creators and bloggers, no matter what stage they're at with their business.

Our team

Monica Lent

Monica is a software engineer from the United States. On the side, she grew her travel blog to a size and profitability that it could support her full-time, thanks to income from affiliate marketing. Besides code, she loves a good cup of coffee, relaxing in Berlin's beer gardens, and growing her fortune of Bells in Animal Crossing.

Gernot Hoeflechner

Gernot is a software engineer and engineering leader from Austria (not the one with kangaroos). He has experience in both academic and startup environments, most recently as the CTO of an HR startup based in Berlin. Beyond engineering, he loves creating music, playing basketball, and sampling all the cookies.

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