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We build tools to empower publishers

Affilimate was founded on the idea that affiliate publishers could generate more far revenue with the right data in their hands.

Monica Lent

Co-founder / Product

Previously an engineering lead at one of Europe's top fintech companies, Monica's moonlighting as an affiliate and SEO led her to found Affilimate. Today she focuses on product development, marketing, and community.

Gernot Hoeflechner

Co-founder / Engineering

Software engineer and engineering leader from Austria, most recently as CTO for an HR startup. Gernot leads the technical strategy for Affilimate, and ensures our platform is stable, accurate, and fast.

Press, Interviews, & Reviews

What we have to say, and what others are saying about us

MarTech Record

MarTech Record

Publisher Technology, The next innovation in affiliate. Sponsored by Awin.

Niche Pursuits

Niche Pursuits

Building a Blog That Earns $10K/mo with Affilimate Cofounder Monica Lent



Essential Affiliate Marketing Tools: Affilimate

Niche Site Project

Niche Site Project

Figure Out How Much Each Page Earns | Affilimate Cofounder Monica Lent



'Do something today to bring you closer to your goal' with Monica Lent

Google Search Central

Google Search Central

Why should developers learn SEO? With Monica Lent

Try the affiliate analytics platform for content websites

Affilimate aggregates all your affiliate commissions in one place, and then adds the missing attribution data you need to maximize your affiliate revenue from every post you publish.

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