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The Content Analytics Suite for Affiliate Publishers

Affilimate collects and attribute your affiliate sales across dozens of networks, helps you attribute conversions to your content, and automates link management and monitoring.

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Say hello to the Affiliate Dashboard that helps you make more money

Instead of just looking pretty and telling you what you already know.

Revenue Attribution

Track which content generates the most revenue. Automated, at scale.

Use Affilimate's content analytics and automatic subid tracking to find which content and products generate the most revenue, across affiliate programs.

Don't miss out creating more high-converting content because you don't have the right tracking in place.

Conversion Heatmaps

Pinpoint the links, CTAs, and copy driving actual conversions

Optimize revenue from existing content by tracking exactly which links, copy, and on-page elements are converting now with Conversion Heatmaps.

Then, know whether your changes improved earning efficiency through revision tracking.

Revision Tracking

Monitor whether your content updates actually improve revenue

Track how your changes affect affiliate revenue, click-through rate, and RPM on pages across your site, without manually setting up experiments each time.

Fits perfectly into your existing workflow.

Stop losing sales to missing or out-of-stock products

Automatically check your Amazon affiliate links on a recurring basis and get notified if any are broken, out of stock, or have other issues that may affect your conversion rate.

Looking for more? Affilimate also supports content experiments, email reports, editorial teams, and more to help you grow.

Lia Garcia

“Affilimate is such a powerful affiliate marketing tool. Being able to combine reports from multiple platforms, plus the vastly improved analytics and insights into which content and products perform best — I'm a huge fan.”

Lia Garcia, Founder of Practical Wanderlust

Ready to meet you where you are

Our team is here to help every step of the way: from tech setup, to strategy, and scaling up.

Individual Onboarding

We'll work with you personally to get your site in optimal shape for tracking with specific recommendations

Team Training

Get your editorial team up to speed with training material tailored to your website and workflow

Strategy Sessions

Let us guide you through the often messy world of affiliate marketing and tracking with optional, 1:1 syncs.

Running a site or portfolio with over 1M monthly visitors? You're invited to:

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Bruna Venturinelli

“I’ve been using Affilimate for over a year and am blown away by the reports’ level of detail — advertisers, products, which page converted, and more, all in one place. It helps us know exactly what is working in our affiliate strategy.”

Bruna Venturinelli, Founder of I Heart Brazil

Built for brands of all sizes

For publishers from 10,000 to 10 million monthly readers, and beyond

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Content Analytics

Analyze your visitor behavior and optimize your affiliate content’s conversion rate.
  • Track multiple websites
  • Content Insights
  • Conversion Heatmaps
  • Revision History

Link Management

Track all the existing affiliate links automatically and ensure your Amazon products are in-stock.
  • Automated Link Import
  • Amazon Link Checker

Affiliate Dashboard

Aggregate commissions across sites, networks, and programs to compare and optimize performance.
  • Unified Revenue Dashboard
  • Product-level (SKU) Reports
  • Custom Reports
  • Reporting Presets
  • Email Reports
  • Network & Advertiser Reports
  • CSV Export
  • Pull data on-demand

Revenue Attribution

Attribute your affiliate revenue back to your content, automatically, at scale.
  • Dynamic SubID Tracking (Smart Labels)
  • Label Rules

Support and Training

World class support and training to help you leverage your data to make smarter decisions.
  • Chat and Email Support
  • Facebook Community
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Free 15-day trial · No credit card required

Frequently Asked Questions

How are pageviews counted?

Affilimate operates on a fair-use policy. That means, pageviews are only counted toward your limit if they contain at least one, tracked affiliate link.

Pageview limits can also be distributed across multiple websites. For example, you could track 3 sites, each with 30,000 pageviews per month, on the 100K plan.

What networks do you integrate with?

Affilimate integrates with dozens of affiliate networks, and hundreds of programs through our integrations with direct and white-label programs.

You can find a complete list of all the affiliate platforms we support on our Integrations page, or check our Roadmap for upcoming integrations.

How many sites can I track in Affilimate?

All of Affilimate's self-service plans allow you to track multiple sites per workspace, as long as the cumulative traffic stays within your plan's pageview limit. You can track: 3 websites (100K plan), 10 websites (250K plan), 30 sites (500K plan), 50 sites (750K plan), and up to 100 sites on all higher plans.

If you have a larger portfolio to track, please get in touch with our sales team.

Can you track independent affiliate programs?

We can track many programs which appear independent, and use white-label affiliate software that offers an API for publishers, CSV reports, or other data extraction methods. Get in touch with us at or through our Chat about specific programs.

How can I speak to someone from your sales team?

Simply email us at! We're excited to talk about affiliate marketing and analytics with you. You can also use our Chat to send us a message, and we'll connect you with the right team.

I have other questions! How can I get in touch?

Either use the Chat icon in the bottom left corner to send us a message, or contact us by email at You'll hear from us within 24 hours, Monday to Friday.

Everything you need to get started

For publishers from 10,000 to 10 million monthly readers, and beyond

Tutorials and guides

Our Help Center is full of step-by-step guides so you can learn to use your new analytics and tracking superpowers.

Personal support

Affiliate links and tracking can be a mess. We'll help you get your site in the best shape with individual advice.

No developer required

Most publishers can set up in minutes without a developer. Our video onboarding will show you the way!

Running a site or portfolio with over 1M monthly visitors? You're invited to:

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Create your affiliate dashboard and start tracking the right way.

Affilimate helps publishers collect all your affiliate commissions in one place and match conversions to your content automatically.

Grow your affiliate revenue with proper analytics by creating your dashboard now.

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