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Plans tailored to your business

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Track all your affiliate revenue in one place, with features and tools tailored for creator-led businesses.

Shelley Marmor

“If you're serious about affiliate marketing, you need Affilimate. It's become a game-changer for our business.” — Shelley Marmor, Travel Mexico Solo

Claire Robinson

“Affilimate helped me take a single offer from $500 per year to almost $7,000 in the last four months.” — Claire Robinson, ZigZag Roadtrips

Media companies

Unparalleled commerce content insights, affiliate reporting, and advanced tools for media companies & enterprise publishers.

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Alex Elkoury

“In just one month of integration, we were able to discover simple opportunities that doubled revenue for specific pages.” — VentureKite

Simon Beauloye

“Smartly designed, packed with thoughtful features, Affilimate helps us save time and increase revenue by optimizing our affiliate performance.” — Luxe Digital

Frequently Asked Questions

Most likely, yes! Affilimate works with all major website builders and CMS solutions, and can be integrated with custom sites as well.

Even publishers with custom tech stacks are typically able to go from kickoff to live with a trial in under 2 weeks. For publishers with a standard setup, account configuration and your first insights takes less than 24 hours and often doesn't require developer resources.

Yes, Affilimate has a variety of publisher API endpoints for tasks like pulling commission data, sending custom events, searching your advertisers, and generating links. Reach out to us with your use case and we'll be able to share more about our API's capabilities.

Affilimate tracks all its own event data, including pageviews, clicks, and impressions. For this reason, it's not necessary to rely on this data from Google Analytics, Adobe Experience Manager, or other third-party web analytics tools. This out-of-the-box approach saves you engineering time and resources, allows Affilimate to offer more advanced and custom features, and often results in more complete data.

Affilimate integrates with 100+ affiliate platforms, and thousands of programs through our integrations.

You can search a list of the affiliate platforms we support on our Integrations page.

Get in touch via our contact form! We're excited to talk about affiliate marketing and analytics with you, and see if our platform is a fit.

You can learn more about Affilimate's core features on our features hub, or book a demo with our team to see how Affilimate can help your business.

Maximize your affiliate revenue with content insights for publishers

Media companies

Achieve the next level of commerce revenue growth with editor-friendly, on-page optimization tools.

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Professional creators

Get the insights and tools every professional creator needs to unlock fast and systematic affiliate growth.

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