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The affiliate dashboard designed for content publishers

Aggregate affiliate commissions from 100+ platforms in a single dashboard, and enrich your conversions with missing attribution data that helps you grow your revenue.

Affiliate dashboard
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Claire Robinson

“Affilimate helped me quickly discover an opportunity on one of my websites — and take a single offer from generating $500 per year to almost $7,000 in the last four months.

It'll be even more once I finish updating my content.”

Claire Robinson, Founder of ZigZag Roadtrips

Reports that show you what's working on your site

Turn your affiliate network data from a black box into a goldmine


Integrate with 100+ affiliate networks, platforms, and programs

Monitor your commissions and run cross-cutting reports on affiliate earnings from over one hundred different platforms.

All major networks, aggregators, and SaaS software solutions included.

Set up in minutes without a developer.

Unified dashboard

All your affiliate commissions in one place

Transaction reports show you your latest conversions, and which page and link the conversion happened on.

Stop asking yourself what's working start crafting a data-informed affiliate strategy.

SKU Reporting

Click any transaction to reveal product details and metadata

Uncover the data points buried inside your affiliate reports that tell you which products your audience actually wants to buy.

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Free 15-day trial · No credit card required

Lia Garcia

“Affilimate is such a powerful affiliate marketing tool.

Being able to combine reports from multiple affiliate platforms, plus the vastly improved analytics and insights into which content and products perform best — I'm a huge fan.”

Lia Garcia, Founder of Practical Wanderlust
Jessica Bishop

“It's so important to track the performance of your promotions, and doing this with Affilimate has really changed the game for our content strategy.

This platform will grow with any size publisher, I couldn't recommend it enough.”

Jessica Bishop, Founder of The Budget Savvy Bride
Bruna Venturinelli

“I’ve been using Affilimate for over a year and am blown away by the reports’ level of detail — advertisers, products, which page converted, and more, all in one place.

It helps us know exactly what is working in our affiliate strategy.”

Bruna Venturinelli, Founder of I Heart Brazil

But wait, there's more

Affilimate combines a simple interface with powerful features like these

Track key metrics like clicks and EPC per platform

Monitor which networks and platforms are receiving the most clicks from your website in aggregate or as a timeseries.

Identify your best-performing advertisers and products

Run advertiser-level reports and see which products are performing best for each platform you’re working with.

Add multiple connections to the same network or platform

Connect as many accounts as you need to pull affiliate commissions from all the websites you operate.

Report on transaction metadata like color, brand, or product category

See detailed transaction metadata, typically hidden by networks, in a single format across your commissions.

Run custom reports, filter, group, and sort your commissions

Run powerful reports using any combination of filters, grouping, and sorting or use one of our reporting presets.

Export your commissions in a unified format to CSV or XLSX

Get a single, unified data model for all your affiliate commissions and export them for Google Sheets or Excel.

Monitor your commission's lifecycle from click to payout

Watch key events in your commission's lifecycle from the origin of the click to purchase, locking date, and payment.

Attribute commissions through SubIDs or rules

Attribute commissions to your content through dynamically generated SubIDs or use our rules-based system.

Delegate key tasks to your team members

Add team members to your account and delegate the creation of common reports or data import and export.

Affiliate dashboardCreate your dashboard

Free 15-day trial · No credit card required

Explore more Affilimate features

Revenue reporting is just one piece of the puzzle.

Content Analytics

Optimize your commerce content with CRO tools tailored for affiliates.

Revenue Attribution

Attribute affiliate revenue on the site, page, link, and element-level.

Affiliate Link Management

Automate your affiliate link management with or without a link cloaker.


Visualize your affiliate conversions on heatmaps for every page on your site.


Run experiments and monitor key metrics for each content edit.


Invite team members to your workspace to delegate common tasks.


See the 100+ integrations supported by our platform.

Try the affiliate analytics platform for content websites

Affilimate aggregates all your affiliate commissions in one place, and then adds the missing attribution data you need to maximize your affiliate revenue from every post you publish.

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